Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps with the letters /A, B, C.../ of the missing sentences, then press "Check" to check your answers.

Missing sentences

A) She has never done any advertisements or commercials for her stores.
B) She is the owner of an international chain of stores that sells soaps, makeup, body lotions, and creams.
C) She has received several awards, including the United Nations Global 500 environmental award.
D) She has been appearing on commercials for the American Express charge card.
E) They are made of natural products, and they come in recyclable containers.
F) Right now, she is "on the road."
G) Since then, more than 700 stores in more than forty different countries around the world have opened.
In a short period of time, Anita Roddick has become one of the most successful businesswomen in the world. 1)For almost twenty years, The Body Shop has been selling products that are "environmentally friendly."
2) In addition, Roddick also refuses to use any animals in the testing of her products.
The first Body Shop opened in Brighton, England, in 1976. 3) Roddick relies on the reputation of her products and stores to attract customers.
4)Lately, however, you will see Roddick's face if you turn on your TV. 5) Roddick spends almost half of her time traveling.
6)For the past several months, she has been traveling around the world in search of new ideas for her body-care products.
Roddick is more than a businesswoman. 7)She is also concerned with human rights, and she has started a London newspaper that is sold by homeless people.